Friday, May 18, 2012

Latest and list of Anime Manga and Episodes

I am a fan of Anime Manga and i am always waiting for the manga updates coming from websites like mangafox, manga stream, mangapanda and other website which give some free manga streaming. but then i have notice something about mangafox they are all license about the Anime manga of Onepiece, Fairytail and Naruto which is one of the 3 best manga i read. but then try another manga and they offer you a good and give you a quality of manga browse streaming. you can count some of the website of Anime manga latest updates like Naruto, One piece and Fairytail if you are one of the millions subscribers reading that manga you can count of the website giving us a good and quality anime stream.

Anime always looking of users in the internet is the

One Piece Manga Updates
Naruto Manga updates
Fairytail Manga latest Updates
Bleach Manga Updates
Beelzebub Manga Updates

and you can Count of the following website which is giving a good and quality updates for Anime Manga Series

and if you want to watch episodes you can go to the website for the latest episodes

Naruto latest anime episodes
One Piece latest anime episodes
Fairytail latest anime episodes
Beelzebub latest anime episodes
Bleach latest anime episodes
and others latest anime episodes

you can count on them

The Electric Daisy Festival 2012 soon

One event going to happen in Abroad exactly in United States of America Las Vegas is the celebration of Electric Daisy Festival 2012 and this is one of the celebration waiting not only the local citizen of US but expect that many tourist around the world go to Las Vegas and surely watch this wonderful show. i also read in the internet why this event came across the board line because many watcher is going to watch the Electric daisy girls that is one important matter why many tourist watch this event. this event is held on June 8-10 and some is June 5- June 12 i read some of ads in Google Adsense i wrote this for someone did not know. expect the bright night with awesome and wonderful fireworks. the important is you need a Ticket and you need to buy Electric Daisy Festival Ticket if you want to join and watch this event all you have to do is visit Electric Daisy Festival Ticketmaster for more information about the ticket. and enjoy taking pictures in this event.

so what are you waiting for come and visit Las Vegas for this awesome and wonderful event the Electric Daisy Festival 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beware of Fake Diablo III Beta download

Many are scam and got a Fake Diablo III beta download and that is one trending in the internet looking for website that has a copy of Diablo III. take note that you need to review for this game for the officially Diablo III launch to avoid scam in the internet. also, you need to the full information for that website if that is legit to sell the game play installer. and that is one need to do if you are willing to buy Diablo III game in the internet.

Free Beta download in the internet is one search in the internet you need to search the right website and make sure that website has no virus or worms. and if you want to buy you can search and buy in Amazon. beware for the website asking you to buy or download Fake Download of Diablo III maybe that is a virus or a fake installer.

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Panatag Shoal or Scarborough Shoal issue

Scarborough Shoal or Panatag Shoal. i read in tabloids a local newspapers here in the Philippines why the China and Philippines are claiming this Shoal because of the old history for the China and sovereignty for Philippines. this Shoal has a lot supply of oil and according to the news that is why China claiming this Shoal. but then this territory is part of Philippines.

 I also read in that tabloid that if Philippines gather that supply of oil, the budget of Philippines are going to increase by double or triple and there is no way that a single Filipino starve to death because of lack in foods. a lot need to explore and need to find out Filipino is not going to surrender that shoal because we have a right to say that that is ours.

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Diablo III updates for free downloads

A good and awesome news to all gamer's all around the world for the releasing of the game Diablo III and this one of the top trending in the internet all around the world. many users in the web looking for the release of Diablo III and ask them what is the date of Diablo III release and the answer is the game is already release in Latin America, North America and Europe the game was going also to release on June 7, 2012 in Russia that is why many users in the internet are all excited to play and waiting for the game officially release. according to the trending news in Google many users in the internet are looking of the cheat in this game also, they are looking for this game download in the internet. amazon is one of the search in the internet if you want to look and game application for sale. this game has a good and amazing new updates for classes, weapons and also the graphics and special effects are superb. so what are you waiting for don't be be the last to updates for this new game newly release the Diablo 3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo 3 Latest updates and release dates

Many games are now releasing for updates for how many years and months they are going to make a new one and upgraded to the high level like the games Diablo 3 finally all gamer not just in the internet but gamer around the world is going to make a good and highlight for this games and surely they are going to post in the internet. Diablo 3 are finally release yesterday May 17, 2012 in some other country like America and Latin America together with Europe and the good news is they are going to release on June 7, 2012 in Russia. this game has a new strategy, has a new monster, good maps and also the upgrade special effects and the weapons are superb surely they are going to trend this in the internet not just asking for a Diablo 3 strategy but also the trending news for the upcoming release of this games in some website and Amazon.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When does diablo 3 release

when does diablo 3 release
the officially release for this game is May 15, 2012 in North America, Latin America and Europe this game is also one of the top trending in amazon for original CD game installers and together many users in the internet are looking for a Diablo 3 free beta download and that is one hit keyword to search for that game. anyway this game Diablo 3 is going to release on June 7, 2012 in Russia bear to wait for that release date dont buy pirated CD.

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New look for Diablo 3 classes

Diablo 3 is one of the top and trending in the internet because the good news is this game the Diablo 3 is finally release in some country like Europe, Latin America and North America this May 15, 2012 and this game is also of the trending game looking for a gamer in all website that has this game. Diablo 3 classes is one of the unique and lovely graphics image like in old Diablo 2 but then this newly release game is going to be good and surely a gamer like this new game the Diablo 3. for those people who are looking this game, this game is going to release in Russia on June 7, 2012 please bear with a little patience because its going to release soon.

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Diablo Game free Wikipedia game play

I was remember when i was playing Diablo 2 , the graphics and the game play is awesome the way you kill monster just to make a new level and hunt to get items and the most exciting is when you are going to kill monster and drop a rare items that the one thing i remember when i was playing Diablo. but then the good news is the release of Diablo 3. when you are enjoying playing Diablo II your going to more like this game for the new look and more exciting game play with a good and upgraded visual and  awesome effects. Diablo 3 is a dark fantasy with a horror theme made by Blizzard Entertainment. many players in the world going to play this awesome game but then this game was fully release Europe, Latin America and North America this May 15, 2012 and soon they are going to release in Russia on June 7, 2012.

This game was one of the top trending and in demand game to order like in amazon and other website. that's why this game is one huge big deal going to full blast. try to play this game to experience new look and awesome graphics, fell also the fury while you are going to PVP or Player vs. Player and i think this game is not yet avaible to download for free because it need time to freely expose in the internet. so what are you waiting grab your own Diablo III and add to your precious game. this game is surely one of the trending and one of the people's choice.

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Diablo 3
Diablo III game demand
Diablo II Worlds of Destruction

Scam Money online switch to Google Adsense

Many ways how to make money online all you have to do is find a good source to find a good revenue and make it all yours. they are plenty of PTC or Pay To Click in the internet you are going to pay cash by clicking the ads in your ads in a website or a blog. they are going to pay you via Paypal and other ways of payment methods and some are going to pay via Western Union like Google Adsense. but before you going to participate in that money online you need to read the instruction and manuals how to pay you because they are plenty in the internet are scam and they are not legit payer. that is why many users in the internet are going to scam because they are thirsty and hungry when it comes to money. dont waste looking for some money online advertise i recommend that make your own website or a blog and make a money online by Google Adsense.

How to make an organic traffic from search engines

It is really hard to make a website and gain an organic traffic. you can easily cheat a traffic by linking or posting your URL in other website and networking site like Facebook, Twitter but then the output is when you are going posting your blog or a website URL the outcome in Google Adsense and other Ads is zero equivalent or the worst is your are going to ban your ads. in other words the ads you have going and easily ban you are not going to join again like Google Adsense. Google Adsense has a TOS or the Rules and Regulation you need to follow and that is the one important thing you must know if you are going to join Google Adsense. all you have to do if you are going to make a good blog or a website is you need to make a traffic by legit and organic traffic like going to submit your URL in Google and yahoo and leave the rest to search engine. if someone click your ads from the search engine that is the time you have a good and awesome revenue.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

How easily make an organic traffic in my website

How to increase my blog organic traffic: this is one of the top search in the internet get mad and confused by a blog or a website owner some of the owner is are qualified and easy to surrender because their blog/website are not visible in the internet and rank in the first page. but many website/blog owner is not aware to used keyword/adword tools by Google. this is one of the useful tool to make a good and organic traffic going to your website. this tools used to determine one article or a topic if that is one of trending in global and monthly search and you can see if that has a low, high and medium competition. competition by Google keyword/adword is very useful by ranking in the Search engine. you need to be aware if you are going to raise your article to the top. and also, you need to focus in the Google trends if you are going to see some of the article if that is going search by going higher or lower. there is no easy way to get an organic traffic as long as you don't have a patience and you are not using a black hat methods.

Facebook application

I was just browsing in the internet about the new application i saw in the Facebook the in this application you can easily view and add this application in your bookmark. is all about dating and look for a partner in the internet which is single and able to date to you. i was reading this in the dashboard 1 in 5 relationship start online. i think this one of the good and upcoming one of the trending in the internet world in Facebook Timeline application. i also read this interesting text banner "flirt on Facebook". so what are you waiting for, try to run this interesting application in Facebook timeline.

Facebook Cover in your Facebook Timeline

This is one of the thousand review over millions of website owners and bloggers in the world about Facebook Timeline. Facebook timeline is one of the most of the trending in the internet about the new and new look of Facebook. we all know that Facebook is one of the top networking site in the internet such as Twitter and other kind of social networking site in the internet. this is one also of the unique application such as you have the right to put a cover in your profile also known as the Facebook Cover and this is also one of the top search in the internet looking for a nice and a good profile cover. it is simple to put a cover in your profile all you have to do is follow the instruction on how to put it properly. the cover you put in your profile is depends on what you are going to put like Anime image, personal image, good image like beaches, falls and other tourist destination you are dreaming and any kind of image you want to put in your Facebook cover. it is easy to find in the internet what you gonna put in your profile cover and also you can easily grab in your computer the image you want to put.

Pacquiao and Bradley fight

Filipino pride XIV is going to watch in Filipino Television the battle between Filipino boxers and it was an spectacular game of all boxer of Filipino. like the game fight of Filipino boxing champion and the undefeated Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley on June 9, 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada. you might watch this battle because this is one of the furious battle of the year. and this is one of the game really watch of all the fans, boxing experts, boxing annalist and all the people in the world really support this battle. the fight between Pacquiao and Bradley is soon to be watch. you can watch this game live in Las Vegas, Live telecast in all Cable channel, Reply   and also live streaming in internet so that you can not miss this one of the best fight in the world of boxing.

Chat Simsimi online

Simsimi chat is now going up for the top trending search in the internet about the robot able to chat to you with a live conversation. Simsimi Chat the robot program that has a unique style to chat with a user anytime and anywhere and able to download in your computer, Android, I phones and other gadgets. make sure when you are going to play this application you agree the terms and conditions and at least you are 17 years before going to play this online Chat Simsimi. Chat simsimi with a different kinds of languages such as Tagalog, English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. 

Simsimi Chat is going to search by this keywords

Simsimi Chat
Simsimi Chat Download
Simsimi Download free
Chat Simsimi online
Online Chat Free
Download Chat Simsimi
Simsimi Application

You better used this application and try to explore the good and interesting in this Chat Simsimi.

Showtime Abs-Cbn afternoon Show

One of the top and lovely afternoon show in ABS-CBN is Showtime. this is one of the afternoon show composed of lovely competition like dancing, singing, acting and many more talents which is one of the game show in this Abs-Cbn Showtime. its also has comedy show and other themes that surely watched by fellow viewers. Showtime by Abs-Cbn host by Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario, Anne Curtis, Kuya Kim and many more with also has special guest host in this show. you will surely lovely this Afternoon show and also watch it via TFC or the Filipino channel in abroad.

Big bat human face true or Adobe Photoshop

Its a hot news and one of the trending search in the internet about the bat but it has a human face. this is one of the hot and maybe this is a practical joke by a computer Adobe experts. this is taken according to the explorer somewhere in Palawan and this is one of the scattered news like in the Facebook and other social networking sites about this image. maybe you are not convincing about this bat human face and you may say this is not true. im also not convincing that this is not true and maybe this is one of the creation of an Adobe expert but then i therefore conclude that this is not real. because when this thing is exist maybe this is one of the top trending news in all the world.

Google Trends the tools you need to know

You can make a good Article by searching what is the top and trending article that you can search in Google Trending search. by using Google Trending you can determine and know if the article you are writing is a fresh and always search in the internet. like the Google Keyword/Ad word you can also determine what is the good to search and what is the good ideas to write. you may know the article if that is good and searchable in the internet by global and monthly searches and if that is good also to post without delaying the rank if that is a low, medium and high competition. you may look for it if that is good or not to write an article the sure is the more article you have post the good and awesome outcome.

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Moron 5 Filipino Movie free download

Filipino Film industry is finally releasing another good movie to show in all cinema's and its really awesome cast actors no other than Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Marvin Agustin, Martin Escudero, Dj Durano and also Jhn Lapuz. this is one of the top comedy films that surely its going to the top. this story is all about the 5 friends (moron 5) and they are accused by killing of a father of one successful woman and they are stay in the prison for three years and that is the start of the good and lovely movie. you can watch to download it by searching the movie "Moron 5" and surely you will love to watch this amazing movies.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hitman Movie trivia

It was a good movie to watch the Movie Hitman for Filipino movie. Hit-man is American version but you can watch also the Filipino Movie The Hitman Movie with Cesar Montano and Sam Pinto and many good actor and Actress like Phillip Salvador and many more and this movie is good to watch so better find out. this movie is all about revenge of Cesar Montano (Ben) and seeking for Ricky Davao (Mando) a drug syndicate and white slavery. seven years past the failed assassination and about the family murder. and his leading lady Sam Pinto. this is a good movie you need to watch because of a good movie and also a good cast.

Valeria Lukyanova The Human Barbie in Ukraine

Trending top Article about Human Barbie in the world is Valeria Lukyanova the girl gets totally like Mattle doll and its perfectly the one who look like the human barbie and gets the fame in their country to become one of the popular image known as the human barbie. shes a top model and a star among the celebrities in Ukraine and has a good and lovely image like her chain perfect body and her lovely look. it is not made by a Photoshop but its a truly human by new cosmetics surgery made. when you see her you will amazed by her beauty and lovely view.. She is Valeria Lukyanova the Human Barbie.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to gain traffic by Google Adword/Keyword tools

If you are going to make a good visitors you need to visit keyword/adword by Google to make a good visitors and make a unique visitors but always remember that a keyword is one of the good and one factor to make a website or a blog good visitors and that is also the one factor to make a traffic in your website. always remember that when you are going to used Google Adword/Keyword make sure you select a low competition when you want to rank your article. using Google Keyword/Adword is one of the good tool of a good Website owner.

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Riding bicycle makes lose weight

Few times bicycle trips or even outside outside outdoor hikes are methods for getting all of them offered. While you carry on these types of workouts on the each weeks time foundation your own performance may increase. Eat plenty of water while you get rid of people extra lbs. Just like just about all workouts, stay with it. At least for that following 4 many several weeks. Whenever these types of programs are usually conducted along with a amazing fat loss routine, you will see outcomes in the One weeks time. Along with period it is possible to increase your own exercise designs. You'll definitely come to be more effective and become much more versatile. This can inform about the the locations of the existence since the fulfillment as well as versatility associated with personal modify starts to consider real.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Water can get lose weight easily

Always a question if water can make a lose weight and probably the answer is yes you can get lose weight by always drinking of water. many people searching for the proof if water is truly need to get lose and the truth is visible and instead of drinking some soda you can alternatively drink water because water is one of the good source and one need of our body and we all know that our body has a lot of water . water is also good for the body drinking water regularly and drinking a plenty like expert say 8 to 10 glasses a day and it is one of the important thing to do. you can also make a lose weight by reading some of the top trending website and article to make a lose weight online and many writers make an article to this trending topic.

Get a lose weight easy with a good personality

i always read and always trending in the internet on how to lose weight and on how get motivated to get a weight lose. but then many people in the internet are not satisfied in the effect and they are willing to get weight lose in an instant but how to get lose in an instant? it is really possible to get lose weight easy? many readers in the internet reading and searching how to make lose weight and subscribing some of website to make a lose weight. but i read some of a website that it is not easy to get that matter if you are not deserving to get lose easy in short when you are not capable to do that and you don't have self control you wont do that.

I have read some article in the internet that you are losing weight when you are taking every exercise and make that habit everyday. you can also make a register in gym and make some work out and make sure you have a good personality to make that thing. some say it is really easy to make weight lose if you have a self patience and a self endurance. some of the people wants to make lose weight are easily surrender but if you have guts it is easy and there is no impossible when you try it.

Mothers day special celebration to our mom

Mothers day is soon to celebrate and its really one of the trending in the internet and many excited mothers, daughter, son and fathers. its really one of the good ideas to prepare and make a celebration to our mom. one of the best gift we give to our mom is we can served her in that special celebration and cook her food that affordable in our budget but its consistence and good for the heart. there is so much food to cook just to say i love you to our mom and a simple foods makes our mother really happy and say it is one of the unforgettable day to her. May 23, 2012 Sunday the day to  celebrate mothers day and we need to celebrate it because this is one of the special day to our mom. mothers day is special to celebrate not just to celebrate that special day but the important is we can say that a mother is one of the important people in our lives.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dj Mo tweet Charice scandal but it is joke

It is one of the trending in the Twitter networking sites is about the issue of Dj Mo to Charice Pempengco, Dj Mo says that she wrote an article about Charice that she has an scandal. according to the news Dj Mo said that he is just making an experiment about this article and about an hour this article is trending in Twitter. and i read also in the news about the message of Charice " your unbelievable " that is the first message and then followed by     "hope your attorney is good" that is the second. but this conversation is already deleted and the latest updates this issued is when Charice make a case into Dj Mo it is really hard because there is no such law about this matter about anti Cyber Bullying.

Pills made of powdered fetus and died babies

This is one of the hot news in the Philippines about smuggled pills that according to the news that pills is made into powdered fetus pills. it says that pills is energy booster of some basic needs like sex endurance and others. this smuggled or also called fetus pills is an stamina booster and other say it is also made in died babies that is why some of the country is looking for the factory who scattered that pills. that is why you need to check all the labels of the pills you buy and it is better to check also the pharmacy when it is legal or some fake.

Ms. Tiffanys Universe 2012

This is one of the good news in all transgender in the world because there is a pageant of all transgender and has a good prize for the winner such as 200,000 in Philippine money and a new car. this pageant is in Pattaya Thailand for Ms. Tiffanys Universe 2012. according to people, it says that Thailand is a paradise to all male want to became a female because in Thailand you can easily change your gender with a cheap procedure pay. here is some of the price according to the news.

Breast Implant : 47,000
Add Chain : 16,000
Change Gender parts for as low as 70,000

You can visit Thailand if you are looking for this matter.

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Tragedy in Butuan City 17 died

Its really hard to accept that 17 died in the commercial buildings with only 6 known in the "Novo" department store in Butuan City. it is hard accept that many died in that department store. according to the news there is no fire safety inspection certificate and that is one criteria and need to get when you are establishing one business. according to the news its also questionable why the door is lock but the attorney of Novo Department says when the door is lock no one is survived, but the survival says they escape by jumping the window.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Google Adsense TOS, Ways to make a good website

Putting a contextual ads into your website or blog is the way how to earn revenue to Google Adsense and that is why many users in the internet make a blog or a website just to put ads by Google to earn. but the sad is many blogs are not accepted and denied by Google Adsense because of they break the Rules and they did not obey and read carefully. some of i mention is need to obey to approved Google Adsense.

#1. Do not click your own ads.
This is one need to obey not to click your own ads and this is one of the violation makes by a blog or a website owner worldwide. but if you are accidentally click the ads you can submit invalid click form to Google personnel to avoid urgent termination in your account and also don't make click your ads by testing it.

#2. Do not put to much Ads unit in your blog or website.
When i was reading TOS (rules) of Google Adsense i was read some of a website mention that do not put to much ads and he mention exactly "3 ads units and three ads links or two search boxes"

#3. Make sure you own the article you post.
"Copy paste" that is the one problem in the internet website and blog when someone looking for a blog and make a copy and then paste it and make their own not knowing that there is a Google Bot that able to detect either your article is a copy paste or original.

#4. Don't popularize your blog or website by exchange link
Always remember that when you are making revenue in your Google Adsense make sure that it came by organic traffic and dont make an instant traffic by exchange link and always post in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and some. always remember that too much is dangerous.

#5. Make your Google Adsense payslip personal
do not show your payslip earnings in public put in your mind that Google Adsense revenue is confidential and only for the owner.

How to protect Google Adsense by invalid and fraud clicks

Google Adsense is one of the awesome advertiser in the internet that is why many blog/website trying their luck to have Google Adsense. but then the hard thing is when someone make a fraud click into your website and that is the time your blog or a website easily banned. but there is a way on how to protect our Google Adsense by fraud and invalid click.

#1. Always check your Google Adsense account every 3 times a week, by checking it you can see if someone making invalid click or fraud click into your account. you can trace easily when your CTR is going up and the click page is not normal like the average click you have everyday.

#2. When you attack by fraud and invalid click you may submit an invalid click form and submit it to Google Adsense to avoid termination your account.

#3. You need to removed your Google Ads when you get an invalid or a fraud click into your account. by removing it, you can avoid more fraud click into your account.

There is also some software in some websites give help by tracing the user who give invalid click into your account and also there is a software called click aids.

Butas sim trick as of May 9, 2012 updates

As of May 9, 2012 the "Butas Trick" for Hss Vpn is no longer active and all the rport and iport are now closed you can no longer connect to the internet using butas trick of VPN like Hss or hotspot sheild, Expat shield, extreme VPN and other kinds of VPN. according to the expert Globe reset all the open ports and make a new one and the existing ports are now closed and you can no longer connect again.

And for those making another butas sim its no longer active even you can make a butas sim "matatapalan din lang" that's for now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Naia Incidents brawl Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago

Its a big news and one of the top issue in the Philippine Television media like Abs-cbn kapamilya, Kapuso GMA and trending in the internet about the scandal brawl of Columnist Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago and her wife Claudine Baretto about the incident of brawling in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. according to the news this incidents begins about the missing baggage of Claudine Baretto Santiago according to the news
"nagpapanic na siya and parang galit na " but according plane attendant the baggage missing is safe " kilangan lang bawasan ang laman ng Eroplano para sa safe na pag byahe" but then in that incident Mon Tulfo was open his cellphone and he is going to take a photo of this incidents. but then the brawl started between Raymart and Mon Tulfo.

"Inaalam pa kung ano talaga ang nangyaring katotohanan kung sino talaga ang nag umpisa" The actor said Tulfo pushed and kicked him and his wife, igniting the brawl. inaalam pa sa CCTV camera kung ano talaga ang tunay na pangyayari.

Palarong Pambansa 2012 here in Lingayen Pangasinan

Palarong Pambansa is now ongoing event in Lingayen Pangasinan and many athletes is now competing to show their own talent in many games. Palarong Pambansa or National Games is one of the fabulous games going to held as one of the guest is our own President Noynoy Aquino. they choose Philippines to held Palarong Pambansa because we are know that many tourist spot here like beaches, waterfalls leisure place and many more places going to visit here after Palarong pambansa.

You can also watch the live streaming of Palarong Pambansa in the internet the live coverage of games and you can watch it with a full coverage. and you may also visit there own website to view good image taken in the actual play.

Julie Anne San Jose Super Bass

Did you watch the latest single of Julie Anne San Jose the "the Super Bass" it is awesome and lovely voice Julie Anne has while she was sang this song it is amazing. i was totally one of her fan now.

The original singer of the super bass is Nicki Minaj but according to the news i was read Julie was a perfect artist to sing this song too and very well said that she is
more than with Minaj.

You can watch Julie Anne San Jose "Super Bass" from Youtube with million already watch this. amazing and lovely Super Bass by Julie Anne. and you can also watch Julia Anne San Jose live in Party Pilipinas one show of GMA Kapusp here in the Philippines.

VPN open ports as of may 8, 2012

As of May 8, 2012 the VPN for Globe is now closed there is no Rport and Iport open. HSS or Hotspot shield is okay but when you try to connect using Globe broadband its no work. some say that when you are going to connect it using Hotspot Vpn and broadband Globe you can surf internet but now this application is not working. even the Sim Butas trick is not working using any port to make a butas sim, 

Anyway you can surf using the legit connection by using SS50 or Supersurf50, Powersurf50, MM15 and other Globe subscription. all you have to do is load your Globe kit and enjoy the given bandwidth limit.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mothers day, tip for the place venue

Mothers Day is a wonderful day to all mothers in the world and many call for mom like Mommy, mom, Mama, Nanay, Inay and many more. it is one of the special event happen in the month of May to celebrate mothers day and its such a wonderful day to celebrate it to the listed i made here it is.

In the House
"there is no such good place just like home" this is one of thousand words how to express our home and this is one place where good to celebrate mothers day. just make a good food together with your family and even friends just to celebrate mothers day. you can also give Mom a gift expensive or not the important is their is love indicated in that gift. you can also make a poem or quotes and give it to our mother.

In the Park
You can also celebrate mothers day together with family in the place like park and other place which is safe and not hot. specially this summer, you can go to the place with a fresh air with good tress and birds singing.

Beaches or Swimming pools
Summer today and it is the best time to celebrate mothers day in this place and you can also enjoy the summer by going in some places like beaches and swimming pools. make some good stuff and enjoy together with family, friends together with mother.

Being creative is one major need to have a good and special day specially the mothers day. make a good effort from the heart is one way to make a mothers around the world happy.

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Tip and Suggestions for gift in Mothers Day Celebration

Mothers day is soon to be celebrate and here is some of my tip and other things you must do in order to make happy in the day of our beloved mother. anyway its not important to buy precious gift just to make our mother's happy. here is some of my tip and advice how to give smile to our mothers.

-Make a mother gift by giving her a warmth hug and a kiss, hug and kiss is one of the special gift to give to our mother to show our love to her and you don't need to buy a precious gift just to make her happy.

-Say " I love you" or " I love you mom" " I love you mommy" " I love you Mother" that's also a precious word and touching word to  show how we love our parents, by saying that 3 words is the precious and most expensive gift we give to our mom. make sure from the heart to say that.

-Set up family dinner and cook what is your mother's favorite food and make a family bonding. most of mom is busy on work and this is the right time you can serve our mom for every tiring day. this is one lovely set up for her.

-Gift her a warmth massage, and fell to her that this day is her day. make your mother a boss on this day.

-You can also buy her a present weather it is a precious or not but the important is there is a love in that present.

-You can also treat your mom and call her for a shopping, call this day as her day forget the problem and make this happy happy to her.

-We can also make a poem or a quotes just to say and express how we love our Mother.

Many days to come before mother's Day make a preparation for our mother because this is one of a lifetime celebration. Sunday May 13, 2012 MOTHERS DAY.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

American Idol Jessica Sanchez

Fans in the Philippines are now happy to the news for American Idol and this is one of the top search in the internet for Jessica Sanchez for being the top 4 in american Idol. this is one happy news for all fans, Filipino and families of Jessica Sanchez, Jessica is half Pinay and American. 

We need to support and give applause for this celebration and pray for her win.

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How to make butas sim for VPN use to broadband

There is one trick that users in the internet is looking and continues looking for this topic, on how to make a butas sim. butas sim is one of the trending in the internet looking on how make or what is the procedure to make a butas sim.

Anyway what is butas sim
this is one trending issues in the internet on how to make a butas sim, this butas sim is able you to browse without loading and subscribe in all unlimited subscriptions of Smart, Globe and sun. this is one way to browse and use your broadband internet.

how to make butas sim
According to an it Guru all you have to do is load your broadband using globe sim with orange sim with car logo in the sim. load 15 pesos and register to MB15 and send to 8888. next step is open your VPN like HSS or hotspot shield, expat shield or other VPN or a proxy settings.

make sure you need to connect your globe broadband first before you connect VPN.

you need to set up your VPN settings

iport 52, 137
rport 9201

after you set up the settings connect broadband and vpn. browse 10 to 15 minutes (you need to see the VPN is connected and with browse if no browse you need to disconnect broadband and vpn and connect the VPN setting iport to 137).

when you have browse you need to download 50MB up and if your still connected until you download 50MB. you need to stop your subscription in MB surf. and done your now have butas sim.

Incoming Keyword search
Butas sim
Butas sim trick
how to make butas sim
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updated butas sim

Bradley vs. Pacquiao hot article

Tomorrow May 5, 2012 the battle between Cotto vs. Mayweather is going to happen and this is one of the battle of the year between Mayweather and Cotto. you can watch Cotto vs. Mayweather live in Las Vegas and watch in the Cable channel, also you can watch Mayweather vs. Cotto via live streaming in the internet.

"after Pacquiao i will defeat Mayweather too" -Bradley. that is one amazing news from professional welterweight junior champion Timothy Bradley and he is very sure to K.O the pride of all Filipino Manny Pacquiao.

"Hes the one in my list" he also say this and "after i defeat Pacquiao, Mayweather is next.

Bradley said also "I truly believe, its going to be an easy fight i dont say that I will easily defeat Pacquiao but no matter what i will totally defeat him and this is one extremely hard battle for him. he added.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Valeria Lukyanova the human barbie in Ukraine

Human Barbie was trending in the internet Girl who was fascinating barbie look and Valeria Lukyanova is one and lovely girl who look like a true human Barbie and she was so gorgeous and lovely girl. many users in the internet are in love with her. 

I am sure that many users in the internet and also people in the  world is attract to Valeria because of its beauty and lovely look. she is like a true barbie in the making you can see in the image what i am talking. surely you really love her. gorgeous is not enough to say how pretty she is.

Lakyanova is one of the top model in her hometown Ukraine and she was very popular because of her beauty and gorgeous look.

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Rhys millen visited Philippines

Rhys Millen was visited Philippines and give an exhibition in the road on drifting, for those did not know Rhys Millen is am american Champion in the face of drifting and one of the awesome stuntman like a popular movie fast and the furious movie part 1 to 5. Rhys Millen is the one who teach about drifting in this movie and Pinoy was proud because we are visited by a expert and champion in drifting.

According to Rhys Millen a Filipino can also do how to drift and Filipino is talented to do such many things. Japan is first country who implemented drifting an Rhys Millen is the first american champion.

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Barge hit Philly boat in Philadelphia

A hot news in a hot summer happen in Philadelphia when a Barge hits the Philly duck boat this is a breaking and shocking news when the Barge hit the small boat. according to the news, the Philly duck small boat has a 37 passengers and 2 crew in that boat and enjoying the ride but then the Barge hit the small boat and that's the time all passenger struggling for their lives and after the rescue operation a sixteen old girl and 20 year old man is still searching.

This is one of the tragedy accident in Philadelphia like happen 10 years ago when the duck boat is sank and 13 people are died in this accidient in Arkansas.

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Cotto vs. Mayweather the battle

Just two days to go, the battle between Mayweather vs. Cotto is going to begin in MGM Las Vegas we will know who among them going to win the belt and going to stand in the ring. many supporters in this game going to watch this game live in Las Vegas and you can also watch this game live in all sports channel and you can watch the reply and live streaming in the internet. according to the expert this game is one of the top game going to happen because the boxer is amazing and awesome. and also many users in the internet going to coverage this fight because many users in the internet looking for this games via live streaming and watch online. Mayweather is one of the awesome boxer in the history and because of him many boxing fans, boxing stars, boxing expert and analyst going to watch and record this game like Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley fight on June 9, 2012. Cotto is one boxer who defeated by Manny Pacquiao but lets us see who among Cotto vs. Mayweather going to win this battle.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lovely Valeria the human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova known as human Barbie from Ukraine and she is very popular in her hometown because of her pretty image of being a human barbie. she was only 21 years old and she is already a model. many users in the internet said that she is  only popular of being a barbie, because of surgery done to her.

here is the image of her, and one of the latest picture taken. many say that Valeria is one of the Photoshop image ever created. the blue eyes and the porcelaine skin is awesome. and that is one thing why she is very popular like the barbie Mattle.

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The Simsimi Chat

A round yellow feather with a curl in the front of its head and a lovely cute little chicks. who among us internet user did not know about this icon "the Simsimi". the Robot that can chat anytime and anywhere. the robot that can chat to you like your neighbor friend. Simsimi chat is able to use many application such as able to chat to you any language you want and many words into his word encyclopedia. and able to answer what is your question is. the Simsimi chat is also downloadable in all computer and play in online by going to their official site and download into your computer and run into offline mode.

How about downloadind simsimi chat into your Androids, Mobile Phones and I Phones. yeas it is downloaded for free. all you have to do is download the link and read the instruction how to used. Simsimi chat is a trending Search in all Search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Pacquiao broke the nose of Russian sparring partner

According to the news, one of the two sparring partner of Manny Pacquiao broke his nose in the sixth round sparring session in Baguio City. the Russian sparring partner of Pacquiao name Ruslan Nogayev and cut the the sparring session in a short time. all we know that this game is for the battle with Timothy Bradley in MGM Las Vegas on June 9, 2012. this is a good battle between this two boxer.

"my first sparring partner is only 3 rounds and the second one is the one broke his nose" -Hobo said in the interview.

Pacquiao need to play sixth round in this sparring session but then it is early end because of the injury happen that's why he decided to make mitts work out with his couch Freddie Roach.

"He has his speed and hes game is okay, maybe 80%" -Freddie Roach
Pacquiao is going to defend his WBO welterweight belt title to Timothy Bradley on June 9.  he is going to train here in Baguio City for more 2 days and going to Los Angeles on Saturday to continue his training.

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Human Barbie Mattel Doll vs. Valeria Lukyanova

Agree it or not there is such a girl who said that she is a human Barbie shes name is Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine. shes a 21 year old girl and a model. many said that this girl is undergo by cosmetics surgery for having a Barbie look. many readers in the internet said this girl is fake and make of Photoshop but then i proved myself that this is not a joke and it is true..

Here is Valeria when there is no make up and it is truly amazing that she has a beautiful face and i am one of her supporter. Valeria Lukyanova is now a celerity in their home town Ukraine. and it is amazing news and totally one of the trending news in all Search Engine in the Internet.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Facebook Timeline the new user Face

You can make your own photo in the wall and make it cover, that's only one of the new application in Facebook timeline Plus on how to put your photo and other photo uploaded in your own computer or in the internet as your Facebook profile cover. many users are looking for a nice Facebook cover and implement into there blog. and it is also one of the top trending article the Facebook cover. by using this application you can share your new account and make it like a new one by using timeline plus, you can enjoy sharing ideas and other application in the wall and it is easy to share.

By Putting a cover in your Facebook Timeline all you have to do is go in your profile and add cover and locate photo you want to upload and click okay. and its done.

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Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova Ukrainian Human Barbie undergo with cosmetic surgery to become a human barbie, well said that Valeria is one of the top search in the internet with human barbie. it is lovely and awesome figure Valeria has. she is not totally a replica of Mattel Doll but when you are looking into her blue eyes, porceline skin and long blonde hair you can see that Valeria Lukyanova is totally one of the Human perfect Barbie.

Many say that this is just a edited in Photoshop and this is not real but the truth is this is real.

Valeria Lukyanova Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova is one of the top search in the internet because of her lovely look of becoming the human Barbie. you can say that she is so cool for having a good face like a barbie. Valeria is from Ukraine and she is very popular into her homeland. im not really sure if how much she spend for her surgery from having a barbie face.

This is not made from Photoshop and other editing software she is real. the face, the body is a wonderful and lovely figure. many say that it is natural beauty and not a surgery but then i doubt, but im not sure if this is surgery or made natural your the one to judge. but then i am amazed by her beauty. i love barbie a human barbie.

Side view if Ms. Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine the human Barbie. you can also check some other human barbie, but the apple of my eye is Valeria

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley the Battle June 9, 2012

The Battle Between the King of the ring is now soon arise, the battle between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley is soon going to the ring and lets us know who among them win the battle. according to the boxing expert, Pacquiao has more chance to win over timothy Bradley because he is very powerful and experience boxer. but then many supporters from timothey Bradley say that Manny got lost. this fight is nearly start in June 9, 2012 in MGM Las Vegas. you can watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley via satellites. ABS-CBN sports and Bradley vs. Pacquiao livestreaming. this is really a hot fight between this two tigers and soon we know who let the belt wear.

Manny Pacquaio vs. Timothy Bradley on May 9, 2012 buy your ticket now

The Human Barbie doll Ukraine Model

I was amazed by awesome and beautiful girl she is so gorgeous and super sexy the human barbie doll. who among of us are not mesmerized by her beauty the figure are perfect.
Real life Barbie doll
She is a model in Ukraine and has a professional in modeling. she is just a wonderful figure of a human barbie. anyway she is Valeria Lukyanova and she is 21 years old.

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ABS-CBN Teledrama "Princess and I"

New Philippines Television drama is now showing in the network ABS-CBN and top search in the internet. this television drama story is all about princess fairy tale to open the kingdom of Yangdon led by king Anand cast by actor Albert Martinez and her long lost daughter Kathryn Bernardo as princess Mikay and Queen Isabel cast by actress Precious Lara Quigaman. this television drama is "Princess and i" with staring cast Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos and some veteran actress Gretchen Baretto. you can watch this television drama in ABS-CBN here in the Philippines and also you can watch it via The Filipino Chanel or TFC. it is good and lovely drana that surely love it by subscribers.

Scarborough Shoal Reef

It is a trending news in the internet between two country who is the owner of this Scarborough Shoal, Scarborough reef is one of the lovely awesome attraction and one of awesome water aquatic ambiance. here in the Philippines this shoal has three names Scarborough, Panatag shoal, Bajo de Masinloc. but the it is more popular name Scarborough Shoal. this shoal is shaped like triangle chain reefs of island. China and Philippines are going to international court to judge who among this two countries are the owner of this Shoal but then many news that Scarborough is a Philippines Sovereignty. 

Panatag Shoal, Bajo de masinloc, Scarborough Shoal

Scarborough has three names in the Philippines Scarborough, Panatag Shoal, Bajo de masinloc and in the region of Zambales Scarborough called it Karburo. and China only one name Huangyan Island. some people said that why Philippines many name of this Island? should they only name it to own the Shoal and why China only one name in this Shoal.

 Philippines is known by its amazing Islands and this country is composed of islands and islet that is the reason Scarborough has many names. Philippines is almost compost of water and surrounded of it. Fishing compost of boat, that is one of the livelihood in the Philippines we are rich of minerals and aquatic resources. in my own conclusion, a fisherman called that area in a different name because of "alyas" A.K.A for personal name it only. and the international of this is Scarborough Shoal.

Scarborough Shoal is a Philippines Sovereignty

Scarborough Shoal this is one of the trending news in the internet, on how this two country want to get this Scarborough shoal. i read some of discussion in the internet that some of China citizens are accusing Filipino that abusive and evil. i don't know if this is one trick and one of the evil words to poison people that Filipino is not the right to claim the Scarborough Shoal. but then how some citizen of China said that word? we are just a simple country and a small group of island yes encase of battle between of China and Philippines we are not capable to do what China's power, we admit that we are underdog by big countries but when we are accusing something that its not our fault, you can see what Filipino able to do.

According to the news, why China want to claim Scarborough Shoal because of the natural source of oil but its not really proven that there is a natural source of oil here in this area and want to build in this area to enlarge the military forces. and also why Philippines claim this because Scarborough is a part of Philippine Sovereignty and Jurisdiction.

When i was Elementary i saw in the map of the Philippines that Scarborough is in the part of Philippine map, but then this issue release why China said they are the owner. According to the news, this problem want to go in the international Tribunal court and judge who's the true owner of Scarborough Shoal.

China want to claim Scarborough Shoal, they said that according in early time citizens of china is the first one went fishing here and Philippines also said that we claim Scarborough Shoal because in the early time that area is under Sovereignty of the Philippines.

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