Monday, April 30, 2012

The new face the Facebook timeline users manual

Facebook Timeline its a simple way how to share your experience through Facebook, many application you need to try and experience by this Facebook Timeline/Plus. Few months ago, Facebook Timeline is implemented in our profiles and giving us a good opportunities to share our profiles with an exciting new look.

What is new from Facebook Timeline
A lot of awesome application implemented in this Social networking sites like the awesome way how to make your photo as your Profile Cover. a Facebook cover able you to put images into the header of your profile and its a good way to share it in public. by putting a cover in your Facebook its a unique way how to express your feelings and your profiles. you can put images uploaded into your own computer, you can add and upload in the web and make your own Facebook cover. you can put cover into your Facebook account by clicking into your profile and click the add cover and select into your designated files you want to get your photo to be put into your Facebook cover. if you don't have a photo selected in your cover you can download it in the internet by entering the keyword " Facebook cover for profiles, Cover for Facebook timeline, Facebook Cover and many more keywords. all you have to do is select and upload into your Facebook account.

Facebook Timeline Also has
Application Games that surely suit to your taste and play anytime and anywhere like  Farmville zynga, this games is about farming. sharing and getting some lovely gift from your Facebook friends and put it into your farm. the more friends in Facebook the more chance of getting popular. the exciting in this game is you can plow and harvest your own farm and make your farm good and lovely to visit by your friends. also lovely games like Fishville, Hidden chronicles, Tetris battle, Poker, Gods war and many more exciting games.
Play also the Application like Instagram able to share your photo with a unique way and edit it the way you want like editing in Adobe Photoshop.

By using all exciting new look of Facebook Timeline you can also experience the trending news about Facebook timeline plus that able you to see who is viewing your profiles.

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