Monday, April 30, 2012

The new face the Facebook timeline users manual

Facebook Timeline its a simple way how to share your experience through Facebook, many application you need to try and experience by this Facebook Timeline/Plus. Few months ago, Facebook Timeline is implemented in our profiles and giving us a good opportunities to share our profiles with an exciting new look.

What is new from Facebook Timeline
A lot of awesome application implemented in this Social networking sites like the awesome way how to make your photo as your Profile Cover. a Facebook cover able you to put images into the header of your profile and its a good way to share it in public. by putting a cover in your Facebook its a unique way how to express your feelings and your profiles. you can put images uploaded into your own computer, you can add and upload in the web and make your own Facebook cover. you can put cover into your Facebook account by clicking into your profile and click the add cover and select into your designated files you want to get your photo to be put into your Facebook cover. if you don't have a photo selected in your cover you can download it in the internet by entering the keyword " Facebook cover for profiles, Cover for Facebook timeline, Facebook Cover and many more keywords. all you have to do is select and upload into your Facebook account.

Facebook Timeline Also has
Application Games that surely suit to your taste and play anytime and anywhere like  Farmville zynga, this games is about farming. sharing and getting some lovely gift from your Facebook friends and put it into your farm. the more friends in Facebook the more chance of getting popular. the exciting in this game is you can plow and harvest your own farm and make your farm good and lovely to visit by your friends. also lovely games like Fishville, Hidden chronicles, Tetris battle, Poker, Gods war and many more exciting games.
Play also the Application like Instagram able to share your photo with a unique way and edit it the way you want like editing in Adobe Photoshop.

By using all exciting new look of Facebook Timeline you can also experience the trending news about Facebook timeline plus that able you to see who is viewing your profiles.

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Google Adsense partners

Google Adsense partners, ways to have Google adsense ads

"Google Adsense" is one dream of all bloggers or a website owner, because this is one of the top payee in the face of advertising, and many bloggers/website owners around the world having Google Adsense. and also having Google Adsense in your website is a point to the blogger or website owner but before you have Google Adsense as one of your advertiser you need to pass the criteria to have their Ads in your Website.

Google Adsense is also partner with some of the top websites and to have them, you can also earn a revenue by signing and obey the rules to have Google Adsense.

This is a common way to be a part of Google Adsense by creating your own blog, you can put ads of Google Adsense as one of your Ads. by creating account to you need a verified email address to continue sign up to  you just need to fill up the form including your name, name of your blog and the blog URL to locate your blog website.
before you pass your blog into Google Adsense you need you read the rules and conditions to avoid unapproved application. according to my fellow blogger, you need at least 20 articles and a good unique visitors from search engines like Google Search, Yahoo Search and other Search engines. and give at least a month before pass the application form.

You can earn revenue by submitting files like pdf, text files and other important documents and share it to public, you can also put your documents here like an online storage. by creating account here you just simply fill up the form from and choose from the button if you have a Google Adsense account or none. if you dont have an existing Google Adsense account, Docstoc help you to have one.

Like blogger, you can also put ads in your tumblr and earn revenue by sharing your photo's here. share your photo gallery and make some other interesting things that surely Google Adsense approved you to have their Ads.

A "Facebook" like, this is a social network sites able you to have friends put your own blog, share your videos, games and photo's. by creating to indyarock you can put the ads in your account and that is the time you can earn revenue by Google Adsense. just follow the step if you want to create an account in Indyarock.

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Facebook timeline users manual

Simsimi chatting robot trending by Google search

It is a great news for online chat because new chat was discovered and the good news it is trending in all search engines like Google search, Yahoo search, Bing search and some other Search engines. and according to Google trends Simsimi chat is going up this April 2012 and we don't know that next month still in the high rankings.

Anyway, What is Simsimi or Simsimi chat?
For some did not know, Simsimi is an application in the internet that able to chat to you anytime and anywhere. many users said that this is an awesome application that when you are bored you can chat to simsimi chat. also many users in the internet used "simsimi chat , simsimi chatting robot, simsimi robot chat as a keyword to find this simsimi chat online. it is a unique Robot chat that able to chat with a different languages such as English, Filipino, Español, Etaliaño and many more languages that suit and surely all users around the world able to play this application. speaking of languages, Simsimi the Robot Chat also have many words per languages awesome right?.

What is Good and Bad to this Application.
Some of the word speak of Simsimi chat is not good and not suitable for young users. some words are not good to read for minors and the solution is you can delete it in Simsimi application. by deleting this you can filter all the bad words came from chat robot Simsimi and only good words appear when you ask something. Simsimi is also good and can able to download in your computers like when you are offline mode you can still play the Simsimi application and play whenever you want.

Simsimi is a celebrities 
Simsimi is also available and can be downloaded into your Mobile phones, Androids, I Phones that surely you like the application in your gadgets. all downloaded application is virus free and it is good and easy to install all you have to do is read the instruction well before you install Simsimi chatting robot. and also many Simsimi application is also trending in the internet like the Chicken alarm Simsimi, this application is an alarm clock able you to wake up in the morning with alarm ring. this is a good way to wake you up. chicken alarm by simsimi is downloaded in the internet and also in some website and powered by I tunes. because of this popularity, Simsimi chat robot is also trending in some things like Simsimi wallpapers for desktop background, for Mobile phones wallpaper together with Androids and I Phones, Simsimi is also popular of stuff toys and some items like Mobile accessories, bags and apparels.

Simsimi description icons and users manual
Simsimi is a chicks with yellow feathers and has a curl hair in front of its head. 
You need atleast 17 years old before playing this application because some of the words and sentence is not suitable for young audience parental guidance is advice. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chessa Laureta the Voice

Sports like Boxing, Rugby and Soccer. Philippines is famous of them all we are very talented of those sports and we can raise our head into the world.

But then, also one of the singing Superstar in "The Voice" is Chessa Laureta its a great news that she is now took one of the 10th finalist of the voice because of her voice

Even the singing sensation and one of the talented Cristina Aguilera was amazed by her voice. its a great news here in the Philippines and in the whole world that in the singing career, Philippines are one of those very talented.  Proudly Pinoy Singer Charice Pempengco is also one of the good singing like Chessa.

lets us give her a warmth of applause Chessa Laureta from the Voice.

Rugby Team Philippines PRFU

"PRFU" stands for Philippine Rugby Football Union, we are going to the national leagues because Filipino are very talented and born one of t he legendary athletes.

If "Azkals win and took some gold from their competition, Philippine Rugby team also can do it.

Introducing the Philippines Rugby Football Union is one of the newest sports team ever made in the Philippines. we can compete now for all the battles of Rugby Competition  and soon Philippines is also one of the popular team when it comes to Rugby Games.

So cheer up and make a one toss to "PRFU" Philippine Rugby Football Union. or visit their Facebook website at