Saturday, June 30, 2012

MU Philippines the new BETA server hot

A great news MU Philippines is now going to air again and many players are expecting to bring back the old  MU. this is one of the intriguing news because after many months of waiting again they are going to rise again. " pero maraming nagsasabi na ito ay isang pakana lang at pwede ring hindi." the old characters and items in our iventory is vanish and we will start again a new journey kahit papano nabuhayan kami ng loob kasi mag kikita nanaman kami sa iisang server at puro pinoy.

pero yon nga mag start ulet kami sa panibago at iyon ay isang di kanais nais. pero okay lang kaya pa naman.

Mu Philippines is going to release view testing mode tommorow July 1 until July 7. they are going to see and modify and fix what are the bug and errors.

So what are you waiting for Play and Download the games and make again a new Journey. a New items and a new Map together with the hot and amazing new character Rage Fighter. this is one of the hot and lovely games ever. the MU Philippines... Visit the official website..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ara Mina "the apology"

he rift between Ara Mina and sister Cristine Reyes seems to be far from over, even after the latter publicly apologized to the former on “The Buzz” on Sunday, June 24.

Hours after Cristine’s apology, Ara posted cryptic messages on her Twitter account, including a quote saying that a “stiff apology is a second insult.” 

“A stiff apology is a second insult...The injured party does not want to be compensated bec he has been wronged; he wants to be healed bec he has been hurt." -G.K. Chesterton,” Ara posted.

Ara also retweeted messages from netizens criticizing Cristine’s apology.

According to a report in “TV Patrol” on Monday, June 25, Ara said she did not feel Cristine’s sincerity and remorse. The report also said that Ara was offended at the way Cristine expressed her apology.

"I’m sorry and I would like to apologize if ever I offended you, sumama ang loob mo sa akin. I tried my best na pumunta sa iyo, alam mo iyan Ate. Sinabi ko pa iyan sa iyo na kung gusto mo luluhod ako sa harapan mo,” Cristine said in her public apology.

The night after the apology,  Ara tweeted quotes about sincerity, credibility and remorse.

Her tweet was, “Remorse is impotent; it will repeat its faults. Repentance only is a true force; it puts an end to everything." -Honore De Balzac.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

Latest and list of Anime Manga and Episodes

I am a fan of Anime Manga and i am always waiting for the manga updates coming from websites like mangafox, manga stream, mangapanda and other website which give some free manga streaming. but then i have notice something about mangafox they are all license about the Anime manga of Onepiece, Fairytail and Naruto which is one of the 3 best manga i read. but then try another manga and they offer you a good and give you a quality of manga browse streaming. you can count some of the website of Anime manga latest updates like Naruto, One piece and Fairytail if you are one of the millions subscribers reading that manga you can count of the website giving us a good and quality anime stream.

Anime always looking of users in the internet is the

One Piece Manga Updates
Naruto Manga updates
Fairytail Manga latest Updates
Bleach Manga Updates
Beelzebub Manga Updates

and you can Count of the following website which is giving a good and quality updates for Anime Manga Series

and if you want to watch episodes you can go to the website for the latest episodes

Naruto latest anime episodes
One Piece latest anime episodes
Fairytail latest anime episodes
Beelzebub latest anime episodes
Bleach latest anime episodes
and others latest anime episodes

you can count on them

The Electric Daisy Festival 2012 soon

One event going to happen in Abroad exactly in United States of America Las Vegas is the celebration of Electric Daisy Festival 2012 and this is one of the celebration waiting not only the local citizen of US but expect that many tourist around the world go to Las Vegas and surely watch this wonderful show. i also read in the internet why this event came across the board line because many watcher is going to watch the Electric daisy girls that is one important matter why many tourist watch this event. this event is held on June 8-10 and some is June 5- June 12 i read some of ads in Google Adsense i wrote this for someone did not know. expect the bright night with awesome and wonderful fireworks. the important is you need a Ticket and you need to buy Electric Daisy Festival Ticket if you want to join and watch this event all you have to do is visit Electric Daisy Festival Ticketmaster for more information about the ticket. and enjoy taking pictures in this event.

so what are you waiting for come and visit Las Vegas for this awesome and wonderful event the Electric Daisy Festival 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beware of Fake Diablo III Beta download

Many are scam and got a Fake Diablo III beta download and that is one trending in the internet looking for website that has a copy of Diablo III. take note that you need to review for this game for the officially Diablo III launch to avoid scam in the internet. also, you need to the full information for that website if that is legit to sell the game play installer. and that is one need to do if you are willing to buy Diablo III game in the internet.

Free Beta download in the internet is one search in the internet you need to search the right website and make sure that website has no virus or worms. and if you want to buy you can search and buy in Amazon. beware for the website asking you to buy or download Fake Download of Diablo III maybe that is a virus or a fake installer.

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Panatag Shoal or Scarborough Shoal issue

Scarborough Shoal or Panatag Shoal. i read in tabloids a local newspapers here in the Philippines why the China and Philippines are claiming this Shoal because of the old history for the China and sovereignty for Philippines. this Shoal has a lot supply of oil and according to the news that is why China claiming this Shoal. but then this territory is part of Philippines.

 I also read in that tabloid that if Philippines gather that supply of oil, the budget of Philippines are going to increase by double or triple and there is no way that a single Filipino starve to death because of lack in foods. a lot need to explore and need to find out Filipino is not going to surrender that shoal because we have a right to say that that is ours.

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Diablo III updates for free downloads

A good and awesome news to all gamer's all around the world for the releasing of the game Diablo III and this one of the top trending in the internet all around the world. many users in the web looking for the release of Diablo III and ask them what is the date of Diablo III release and the answer is the game is already release in Latin America, North America and Europe the game was going also to release on June 7, 2012 in Russia that is why many users in the internet are all excited to play and waiting for the game officially release. according to the trending news in Google many users in the internet are looking of the cheat in this game also, they are looking for this game download in the internet. amazon is one of the search in the internet if you want to look and game application for sale. this game has a good and amazing new updates for classes, weapons and also the graphics and special effects are superb. so what are you waiting for don't be be the last to updates for this new game newly release the Diablo 3