Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to protect Google Adsense by invalid and fraud clicks

Google Adsense is one of the awesome advertiser in the internet that is why many blog/website trying their luck to have Google Adsense. but then the hard thing is when someone make a fraud click into your website and that is the time your blog or a website easily banned. but there is a way on how to protect our Google Adsense by fraud and invalid click.

#1. Always check your Google Adsense account every 3 times a week, by checking it you can see if someone making invalid click or fraud click into your account. you can trace easily when your CTR is going up and the click page is not normal like the average click you have everyday.

#2. When you attack by fraud and invalid click you may submit an invalid click form and submit it to Google Adsense to avoid termination your account.

#3. You need to removed your Google Ads when you get an invalid or a fraud click into your account. by removing it, you can avoid more fraud click into your account.

There is also some software in some websites give help by tracing the user who give invalid click into your account and also there is a software called click aids.

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