Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Google Adsense TOS, Ways to make a good website

Putting a contextual ads into your website or blog is the way how to earn revenue to Google Adsense and that is why many users in the internet make a blog or a website just to put ads by Google to earn. but the sad is many blogs are not accepted and denied by Google Adsense because of they break the Rules and they did not obey and read carefully. some of i mention is need to obey to approved Google Adsense.

#1. Do not click your own ads.
This is one need to obey not to click your own ads and this is one of the violation makes by a blog or a website owner worldwide. but if you are accidentally click the ads you can submit invalid click form to Google personnel to avoid urgent termination in your account and also don't make click your ads by testing it.

#2. Do not put to much Ads unit in your blog or website.
When i was reading TOS (rules) of Google Adsense i was read some of a website mention that do not put to much ads and he mention exactly "3 ads units and three ads links or two search boxes"

#3. Make sure you own the article you post.
"Copy paste" that is the one problem in the internet website and blog when someone looking for a blog and make a copy and then paste it and make their own not knowing that there is a Google Bot that able to detect either your article is a copy paste or original.

#4. Don't popularize your blog or website by exchange link
Always remember that when you are making revenue in your Google Adsense make sure that it came by organic traffic and dont make an instant traffic by exchange link and always post in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and some. always remember that too much is dangerous.

#5. Make your Google Adsense payslip personal
do not show your payslip earnings in public put in your mind that Google Adsense revenue is confidential and only for the owner.

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