Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mothers day, tip for the place venue

Mothers Day is a wonderful day to all mothers in the world and many call for mom like Mommy, mom, Mama, Nanay, Inay and many more. it is one of the special event happen in the month of May to celebrate mothers day and its such a wonderful day to celebrate it to the listed i made here it is.

In the House
"there is no such good place just like home" this is one of thousand words how to express our home and this is one place where good to celebrate mothers day. just make a good food together with your family and even friends just to celebrate mothers day. you can also give Mom a gift expensive or not the important is their is love indicated in that gift. you can also make a poem or quotes and give it to our mother.

In the Park
You can also celebrate mothers day together with family in the place like park and other place which is safe and not hot. specially this summer, you can go to the place with a fresh air with good tress and birds singing.

Beaches or Swimming pools
Summer today and it is the best time to celebrate mothers day in this place and you can also enjoy the summer by going in some places like beaches and swimming pools. make some good stuff and enjoy together with family, friends together with mother.

Being creative is one major need to have a good and special day specially the mothers day. make a good effort from the heart is one way to make a mothers around the world happy.

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