Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pacquiao broke the nose of Russian sparring partner

According to the news, one of the two sparring partner of Manny Pacquiao broke his nose in the sixth round sparring session in Baguio City. the Russian sparring partner of Pacquiao name Ruslan Nogayev and cut the the sparring session in a short time. all we know that this game is for the battle with Timothy Bradley in MGM Las Vegas on June 9, 2012. this is a good battle between this two boxer.

"my first sparring partner is only 3 rounds and the second one is the one broke his nose" -Hobo said in the interview.

Pacquiao need to play sixth round in this sparring session but then it is early end because of the injury happen that's why he decided to make mitts work out with his couch Freddie Roach.

"He has his speed and hes game is okay, maybe 80%" -Freddie Roach
Pacquiao is going to defend his WBO welterweight belt title to Timothy Bradley on June 9.  he is going to train here in Baguio City for more 2 days and going to Los Angeles on Saturday to continue his training.

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