Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Panatag Shoal, Bajo de masinloc, Scarborough Shoal

Scarborough has three names in the Philippines Scarborough, Panatag Shoal, Bajo de masinloc and in the region of Zambales Scarborough called it Karburo. and China only one name Huangyan Island. some people said that why Philippines many name of this Island? should they only name it to own the Shoal and why China only one name in this Shoal.

 Philippines is known by its amazing Islands and this country is composed of islands and islet that is the reason Scarborough has many names. Philippines is almost compost of water and surrounded of it. Fishing compost of boat, that is one of the livelihood in the Philippines we are rich of minerals and aquatic resources. in my own conclusion, a fisherman called that area in a different name because of "alyas" A.K.A for personal name it only. and the international of this is Scarborough Shoal.

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  1. Oh cool! I know Panatag and Scarborough shoal but this is my first time to know those other name. Thank you for sharing this interesting information to us!