Friday, May 4, 2012

How to make butas sim for VPN use to broadband

There is one trick that users in the internet is looking and continues looking for this topic, on how to make a butas sim. butas sim is one of the trending in the internet looking on how make or what is the procedure to make a butas sim.

Anyway what is butas sim
this is one trending issues in the internet on how to make a butas sim, this butas sim is able you to browse without loading and subscribe in all unlimited subscriptions of Smart, Globe and sun. this is one way to browse and use your broadband internet.

how to make butas sim
According to an it Guru all you have to do is load your broadband using globe sim with orange sim with car logo in the sim. load 15 pesos and register to MB15 and send to 8888. next step is open your VPN like HSS or hotspot shield, expat shield or other VPN or a proxy settings.

make sure you need to connect your globe broadband first before you connect VPN.

you need to set up your VPN settings

iport 52, 137
rport 9201

after you set up the settings connect broadband and vpn. browse 10 to 15 minutes (you need to see the VPN is connected and with browse if no browse you need to disconnect broadband and vpn and connect the VPN setting iport to 137).

when you have browse you need to download 50MB up and if your still connected until you download 50MB. you need to stop your subscription in MB surf. and done your now have butas sim.

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  1. I know What is VPN but in this blog i also come to know How to make butas sim for VPN use to broadband.

  2. hello sir, you can just follow the instruction on how to make butas sim in VPN. anyway VPN is a free software able to make free browse in the internet without using load and make subscribe in unlimited browse like MB15 or SS50 sir.